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Holiday houses on the German North Sea Coast & holiday apartments on the German North Sea Coast

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A holiday home at the North Sea Coast

atraveo offers you over 2600 holiday homes and holiday apartments at the German North Sea coast. Everyone will find their individual travel destination in the North Sea landscape. How about an island? The choice is just as great as it is diverse. Whether it’s North Frisia or East Frisia, the island world will tempt you with numerous attractions, impressive countryside and various relaxation possibilities. The mainland from the Dutch border to the Danish border via the Jade Bight, Butjadingen, Cuxland and Dithmarschen also offers a lot for discovery and relaxation purposes: seaside resorts, idyllic harbours, wide beaches. No matter what you decide on, you will experience everywhere how beautiful the German North Sea coast is.

Holiday home vacation under a thatched roof

That’s how you spend a real Frisian holiday! Whether in summer, blustery autumn or cold winter, a Frisian house with a thatched roof will always provide a unique cosy atmosphere. Let the children play in the garden in the summer, while you relax with a cool drink on the terrace. Or retire to the warmth of the living room in the winter when the cold and wet wind whips at the window outside, and spend the evening with the family. Or take time to read a book in peace by the crackling of the open fire or simply enjoy the romantic atmosphere for two. What are you waiting for? Search for your dream thatched-roof holiday home!

Germany’s North Sea coast: A paradise for children

Bucket, spade and sunscreen - these are usually the only things that are needed to keep your youngsters busy for hours on the long sandy and grassy beaches of the North Sea coast. And when the movement of the tides starts and the water of the ebb tide has to recede, the Wadden Sea offers an even bigger and more exciting playground. Here, you can search for mussels, while sandworms and small crabs can be dug up, and flowing watercourses with small dam walls and canals turn into vast seascapes. Many mothers and fathers also spontaneously reach for a spade here and compete with their offspring by digging. The German North Sea coast is not just a real paradise in scenic terms, but also with regard to the fun and possibilities for games. If the weather does not permit visits to the beach or if you are in the mood for a change, numerous indoor playgrounds and water parks along the entire coast will ensure that no boredom can arise. Riding, cycling and many other sporting activities offer additional variety.

Experience the mudflats at the North Sea Coast

As beautiful and multi-faceted as the alternating rough and calm North Sea may be, its true fascination emerges only when the water recedes. Then it’s "off into the mudflat" for long walks on the exposed seabed.

A number of things can be discovered during a walk on the mudflat: Small crabs that scurry across the ground or wait patiently in a puddle for the water to return. Swarms of small shrimp swimming around in the flowing tidal creeks. Sandworms which are still trying to disappear quickly into the ground and thereby leave behind a characteristic coiled mound. Seagulls circling low in search of food. And much more. Experience how the iodine-laden, salty sea air together with the scent of the fresh seabed gives you extra energy and allows you inner relaxation. After an excursion into the mudflat, you can comfortably seat yourself on a beach chair and watch as the water slowly recaptures the natural landscape that you have just experienced.

Incidentally, only beginners make their way into mudflats in rubber boots. Sneakers are much more suitable because, if it gets too muddy, they will not stick in the ground, but will remain on the feet. In contrast, the expert rambler can be recognised by the fact that he foregoes any footwear and sets off barefoot. Because that’s also good for the feet!

In addition, there are various guided mudflat walks over longer distances on offer. For example, from Föhr to the neighbouring island of Amrum or from Pellworm to Hallig Hooge. Do undertake such long tours but never alone! Many an unwitting tourist has lost their way in the Wadden Sea or has suddenly been unpleasantly surprised by incoming water. You can obtain information on guided walks across the mudflats at the local tourist information offices.

Holiday home vacation on the North Sea islands

The East and North Frisian Islands represent a very special opportunity for a great holiday home vacation. Whether it’s Sylt, Amrum, Föhr and Pellworm or Borkum, Juist, Norderney or Wangerooge – the impressive North Sea landscape can be particularly enjoyed on the islands. The islands are connected to the mainland by regular ferries, on which it is possible to take a car along– except for on some car-free islands.

In addition to the islands that are close to the mainland, Helgoland, the only German offshore island, is also a great travel destination. Experience Helgoland‘s unique landscape with the steep red coasts and "Long Anna" – the island landmark.

The top rated locations on the German North Sea Coast

  1. Cuxhaven-Duhnen
  2. Greetsiel
  3. Westerland
  4. Dangast
  5. Wingst
  6. Hooksiel
  7. Tönning
  8. Pellworm
  9. Norden-Norddeich
  10. Nordenham