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4.0 out of 5 (1 Customer review)
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This is what holiday rental customers wrote about Dolni Becva 

  • 4.0 out of 5
    An atraveo-customer wrote
    on 02/05/2016, travel period: April 2016

    “A small supermarket (Coop) in Dolni Becva, two large supermarkets (Billa and Lidl) in Roznov (15 min. By car). Roznov is a nice walk around the old ruins, a lovely open-air museum and other attractions that we have not visited.”

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This is how holiday rental owners described Dolni Becva

Location The village: Dolni Bečva and its part - called Horni Rozpite -
560 m above sea level) part of Wallachia http://www.valasske-kralovstvi.cz/
in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy http://www.beskydy.cz
about 7 km eastwards (10 minutes by car) from the Wallachian Open Air Museum
(called Skanzen)) http://www.vmp.cz/ in Rožnov Radhoštěm
or about 17 km ...
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(20 minutes travel) southwards from the AQUAPARK in Frenstat pod Radhostem, or 16 km (20 minutes travel) downhill
from the ski resort - ski slopes Pustevny http://www.skialpin.cz/
or 16 km (20 minutes travel)
westwards of the ski resort Ralishka http://www.raliska.cz in the village of Horni Bečva. Radhošť mountain (1129 m above sea level) http://www.pustevny.cz/radhost.htm
is located just 4 km north-westwards from the village (90 min quiet, lonely walk up to the top of the mountain)

Dolní Bečva
The village is in both lowland Rožnovské furrow (lowest elevation is 390 m, is located on the flow of river Bečva southwest of the village) and in the eastern part Radhošťská highlands (the highest point is the peak Radhošt, 1129m). An area of 2006 hectares among the medium-sized municipalities of the district. A substantial part of the seat lies in a valley and river Bečva in the valley bottom Lower and Upper smeared. Dispersed settlement is also on the surrounding hills. Locally there are better preserved wooden buildings with traditional architecture, especially in the clearings.
Forests cover 68% of the area, it is the fourth most forested village of the district. Most of the forest consists of younger beech and spruce monocultures. Below on the slopes, eg. On a stone grow between meadows and pastures birch grove. Protectively most valuable are mixed with beech forests on the southern slopes Radhošt and partly Montenegro. Very valuable vegetation located on Radhošti the chapel. As for the rest of dwarf beech forests primeval character, formed harsher climates with a wonderfully developed age and spatial structure. Such forests are already very rare and vulnerable host communities of organisms. Similar growths are also smaller area along the red trail between Radhoštěm and Montenegro.
Open land in various parts of the cadastre differ depending on the farmed land. The slopes are often relatively preserved extensive pastures and meadows with rich flora and scattered vegetation. The alluvial plain Bečvy are intensively cultivated agricultural lands, fields and meadows cultural.
The largest river is Rožnovská Bečva. The section of the river flowing through the Land Registry is a relatively well-preserved and well developed riparian vegetation. After the flood in 1997 occurred in several places to create zpřírodněných sections with huge gravel sediments and natural shorelines. If it is for the protection of buildings against water possible, it is highly desirable to similar sections of leave without modification, as it significantly improves the quality of river ecosystems in our country. The two most important rivers of Lower and Upper Soaked are typical piedmont gravel streams with a steep incline. Unfortunately, they are practically the entire length of the regulated.
Conservation-significant species of flora are found almost exclusively in higher altitudes. They are mainly juniper grasslands on stone and Upper margins and in natural mountain forests near Radhošt and Montenegro. The orchids are found, eg. Western Marsh Orchid (scattered in tens to hundreds of individuals, grows in wet meadows), orchid orchid (only occasionally), Lesser Butterfly-orchid (at dozens of locations, sometimes even tens to hundreds of individuals), narrow-leaved helleborine (a few individuals growing at one site in the Stone), Epipactis helleborine (scattered around the forests and on the edges), early purple orchid (individually) and common common twayblade. On former pasture near the top Radhošt through gradual degradation of grassland overgrowing still maintain endangered golden cinquefoil. Scattered occurs orange hawkweed and rare lily. On the left bank Bečvy the village and on the southern slopes are Radhošt population kolotočníku decorative, which is original in the Eastern Carpathians. Probably was introduced via the gardens. It's a wild district, one of the two known sites. The rarer plants occur: Deer Fern, gladiolus rooflike (some wetland meadows), Veratrum Lobelova (around Radhošt), wild garlic (beech forests), yellow flowers Digitalis grandiflora (locally, for example. Lower Rozpité), aconite Moravian stiff (Radhošť ) and Willow Gentian (Radhošť). Of the more interesting species of trees have been rare or very rare birch and dark currant Alpine (Radhošť), which is known in the district still around Devil's Mill.
Of invasive alien plants are rarely occurs giant hogweed (eg was detected. Hajdů U) and especially Bečvy Japanese knotweed.
Of the rarer species of fungus grows in birch hájcích white Cossack, Cossack Capuchin, birch mushroom and red fox, but they can occur Strobilomyces strobilaceus, Clathrus archeri and Porphyrellus porphyrosporus.
Singularity between large trees avenue of old lime trees in the village center. Unfortunately, however, most of them in poor condition, the trees are decayed and damaged by improper trimming branches in the past. At the lower end of the village grows larger small-leaved lime, for which in the past was shortened trunk. More interesting is the mature trees in the village more, but it is needed further exploration.
Among the mammals are found, eg. Deer, deer, hare, squirrel, wild boar, marten, weasel weasel, badger (Stone and ravens) and fox, hedgehog u settlements, marten and others. Among the larger beasts on Bečvě irregularly staying otter. In larger forests occurs feature which are also multiplies. From the late 70s to the nearby village occasionally wanders bear. For small mammals occur, for example. Dormouse (numerous in the upper valley of the Lower Soaked), yellow-necked mouse, Striped field mouse, Northern birch mouse, shrew shrew mountain and black. The bats were detected bat, bat evening, Daubenton's bat, northern bat, bat Long-, pipistrelle and lesser horseshoe bat.
The birds were found about 100 species, of which 85 are nesting. Of the rarer forest species occur: black stork (near the village nestles 1 pair, often seen on crossing - on streams and Bečvě), woodcock (several pairs), hazel grouse (nest several pairs, eg. Under Montenegro) , black woodpecker, white-backed woodpecker (a few pairs nest in old beech forests Radhošt and Montenegro), red-breasted flycatcher (after a few pairs nest in the beech forests of the Black Mountain, near Radhošt etc.), Collared Flycatcher (deciduous forests, mainly with beech) , redstart (except loosened beech forests nests in gardens near settlements, totaling several dozen pairs), Ring Ouzel (scattered spruce forests at higher elevations). Of protectively interesting farmland species occur: Meadow Pipit (about five pairs nest in meadows near the top Radhošt) Whinchat (meadows atop Radhošt at the hotel), red-backed shrike (regularly in all bushy places), the corncrake (on larger meadows annually echo 2-4 males), Wryneck (in some years, 1 pair nesting nearby gardens) and stonechat (in some years near Highway 1 pair). Along the streams regularly nest dipper (3-6 pairs) and irregularly kingfisher (very often, however, to delay, especially in summer, autumn and early spring). On Bečvě in some years nests common sandpiper. On the former gravel pit at Bečvy on Bečvě nest several pairs of mallards. Even in the late 60s was found on a stone vyhnízdění terrible occurring with the Hoopoe, the nest was in a pile of rocks. Partridge on cadastre occurred in since 1984.
The reptiles are found for example. Grass Snake, slowworm, sand lizard and živorodá. On a stone was found smooth snake. Relatively frequent is the viper, which has been observed eg. On Black Mountain in Lower and Upper margins and on the stone.
Amphibians frog is abundant, often occurring yellow-bellied toad and salamander, rarely can see the toad, newt general and the Alpine newt. In the 80s in pools east of the village occurred great crested newt.
In Bečvě and its tributaries several species of fish, especially trout, grayling, bullhead bullhead, minnow, gudgeon and Stone loach.
Of the rarer butterflies can be seen blooming meadows swallowtail fennel and checkered fritillary, the beech forests of beech and martináčka along forest roads batolce rainbow. On the glades and meadows with rich flora found in the summer more butterfly species, are particularly conspicuous fritillary and Okáč. At the end of 60 years was on the eastern slopes of Radhošt found today missing alpine beetle. In Bečvě occurs crayfish. In beech forest occurs rare snail Modranka Carpathian.
On the cadastral no declared specially protected areas. Parameters for SPAs are particularly very naturally preserved ancient beech forests on the southern slopes Radhošt a pseudo cave in Radhošt and Montenegro.
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source: Vašek

Photos of the town

  • Property no. 946134
    from GBP 566
    for 1 week

    Dolni Becva, Moravia (North Moravia)

    Holiday home for max. 4 adults + 2 children

    Approx. 32 m², 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets are allowed (max. 2), non-smoking property, sauna,
    4.5 out of 5
    2 Customer reviews
  • Property no. 600549
    from GBP 324
    for 1 week

    Dolni Becva, Moravia (North Moravia)

    Holiday apartment for max. 4 persons

    Approx. 65 m², 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, pets not allowed, satellite TV (01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018), dishwasher (01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018)