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Holiday houses on the Channel Islands & holiday apartments on the Channel Islands

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History, culture and nature at a holiday home on the Channel Islands

Renting a holiday home in the Channel Islands is a great way to enjoy this picturesque corner of the United Kingdom situated just off the French coast. Due to their proximity to France and their status as British territory the islands offer a unique blend of cultures. From the scenic coastline to quiet towns with medieval castles and World War II battlements, the islands have something for everyone. Holiday rentals are perfect for spending some time on the Channel Islands.

Jersey and Guernsey

Jersey and Guernsey are the most popular of the Channel Islands and holiday houses and holiday apartments are a great way to find out why. Visitors to Jersey, an island known for its arts and culture, can enjoy one of the many galleries or take in some live music. Shopping opportunities and restaurants are to be found throughout Jersey, giving visitors many options. The aMaizin! Adventure Park has a corn maze and all sorts of activities which are great for families. Holiday homes in Guernsey allow the visitor to explore the network of tunnels and bunkers left over from World War II as well as the island's ancient castle and historic manor houses. Holiday rentals on either island are ideal for a relaxing break.

The other islands

Holiday houses on any of the Channel Islands are a great choice. Herm is a small but beautiful island with no motor traffic and is a great place to enjoy the quiet charms of peaceful hikes along the coast. Holiday rentals on Sark, also free of motor vehicles, provide a similar experience. Sark offers a more rugged landscape, with steep cliffs and a land bridge connecting the island's two parts. The La Seigneurie Gardens is a great way to spend an afternoon and learn a little of the island's history. A holiday rental on Alderney will give visitors a chance to explore its beautiful beaches, go birdwatching or take a boat trip. Holiday homes and holiday apartments in the Channel Islands make great places to stay, so book one soon.

The top rated locations on the Channel Islands

  1. Guernsey