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WarnemĂŒnde, Pineda, Rovinj, Egmond, Mayrhofen and Roses are the best holiday resorts 2017
Post from 30/03/2017

Top travel destinations 2017

We have identified the places for you that our holidaymakers liked best last year in six of the most popular travel destinations. WarnemĂŒnde, Bibione-Pineda, Rovinj, Egmond aan Zee, Mayrhofen and Roses have obtained the best customer reviews on average, and are our top travel destinations for a holiday-home vacation for the year 2017.

When looking at this year's award winners, it is noticeable that there is high repetition rate. With WarnemĂŒnde, Rovinj, Egmond and Mayrhofen, there are - for the first time - four places that have already been voted as the best holiday destination.

Egmond aan Zee won the award for the best Dutch holiday resort in 2013. One year later, the Baltic spa town of WarnemĂŒnde became the winner in Germany. Picturesque Rovinj on the sunny Croatian peninsula of Istria won the award for the best Croatian holiday resort in 2015, while Mayrhofen in the Ziller Valley successfully defended its title from the previous year as the best Austrian holiday resort.

Bibione-Pineda on the Adriatic coast of Italy and Roses on Spain’s Costa Brava have been chosen as the best holiday resorts in their respective countries. Roses is actually the very first place on Spain's ‘wild’ north-east coast to take the crown, as the award previously went exclusively to resorts on the Costa Blanca and on Majorca.

The Italian Adriatic coast is traditionally one of the long-time favourite destinations of holiday-home vacationers. It is therefore not surprising that a holiday resort on Italy's popular east coast once again secured the trophy after Lido degli Estensi did so in 2015. Pineda is a district of Bibione's most sought-after bathing resort north of Venice, but offers a little more peace and seclusion in contrast.

In order to get an impression of what the holidaymakers particularly like about the holiday resorts, it is worth taking a look at the customer reviews which were submitted for the respective places.

Holidaymakers on WarnemĂŒnde


“WarnemĂŒnde is a great Baltic Sea resort! A visit is definitely worthwhile. Good restaurants, fantastic flair, many different kinds of people. Very nice!”

“Thanks to all the residents! I always had very friendly service in the various restaurants, and the range really is huge! In short, WarnemĂŒnde is lovely!!!!!”

“WarnemĂŒnde is wonderful (you just cannot park there) ;).”

Holidaymakers on Bibione-Pineda


“The little resort of Pineda is away from the big tourist crowds of Bibione, and is very suitable for a family holiday.”

“A lovely place, which offers a great deal for children and adults, and yet is not overcrowded. A very nice, large beach which is very clean.”

“We found Bibione Pineda to be the perfect holiday resort for a family with (small) children. Pizza, pasta, ice cream, sun, beautiful beach, a warm and mostly calm sea, which is very shallow.”

Holidaymakers on Rovinj


“We’ve been to Rovinj 15 times and will definitely be back for the 20th time!”

“We totally fell in love with the place. There is so much to see and admire; the little streets, many different sports options on and in the water, the hospitality of the Croats.”

“Sorry, but I can’t say that it was anything less than utterly marvellous.”

Holidaymakers on Egmond aan Zee

Egmond aan Zee

“A small village with beautiful old houses and alleyways. The old lighthouse, Egmond's landmark, can be seen from afar. A dream of holiday for families with children because the sea is right nearby.”

“Wonderful resort! The huge surrounding dunes (protected nature reserve, accessible with day/week pass) are magnificent.”

“The beach is very, very long, the cafĂ©s there are very cozy (with very nice staff, without exception)."

Holidaymakers on Mayrhofen


“SUPER! The heart of Tyrol, a beautiful village that offers everything you need for summer and winter holidays in the Alps.”

“The place is perfect for families with children, as well as for older people! We had a great holiday here.”

“Mayrhofen and the Ziller Valley offer very good possibilities for a great holiday. There are ample shopping possibilities, the gastronomy is varied, the range of sports and leisure activities is also very diverse - even in bad weather.”

Holidaymakers on Roses


“Roses is a very nice resort, where you can relax on the beautiful beaches during the day and take a leisurely stroll through the streets in the evening.”

“One of the most beautiful places in existence.”

“Roses leaves no wish unfulfilled and you can take countless interesting excursions into the surrounding area.”

The best holiday resort at atraveo

The reviews submitted last year by the atraveo customers form the basis for the selection of the best resorts. In addition to the booked accommodation, we also ask each guest to rate the visited holiday resort on a scale from 1 (not recommended) to 5 (highly recommended). The local reviews provide valuable information for other travellers when planning their next holiday. From all places with a representative minimum number of reviews, we then determine the resorts that have received the best ratings on average each year in six countries. All the reports from recent years can be found here. You can read more about the customer reviews of holiday accommodation and resorts here.

The top 5 resorts in the individual countries

1. WarnemĂŒnde 4,68 points
2. Meersburg 4,67
4. Alhbeck 4,61
1. Bibione-Pineda 4,72 points
2. Venedig 4,69
3. Malcesine 4,68
4. Bardolino 4,67
5. Caorle 4,63
1. Rovinj 4,71 points
2. Poreč 4,61
3. Selce 4,5
4. Krk 4,5
5. Makarska 4,47
The Netherlands
1. Egmond aan Zee 4,71 points
2. Giethoorn 4,51
3. Rockanje 4,46
4. Zandvoort 4,33
5. Julianadorp 4,31
1. Mayrhofen 4,48 points
2. FĂŒgen 4,36
3. Sölden 4,36
5. Kaltenbach 4,32
1. Roses 4,56 points
2. Corralejo 4,49
4. Nerja 4,42
5. JĂĄvea 4,4