Holiday houses in Uchte & holiday apartments in Uchte

  • 1/18
    Best holiday resort in Germany

    ​Wernigerode | The old quarter bedecked with half-timbered houses and the castle enthroned above the town have won you over, making Wernigerode the best holiday resort in Germany.

    Per week from GBP 320

    show 34 offers
  • You’ll find this thatched-roof house for up to six people in Neuendorf in the south of Rügen.
    Holiday under a thatched roof

    ​Baltic Sea Coast | This is how you spend a proper holiday home vacation at the coast; nothing is more stylish and cosier than a holiday home with a thatched roof.

    Per week from GBP 259

    show 511 offers
  • The harbour of Pellworm at low tide. A chic holiday apartment for 2 people is nearby in a thatched-roof house.
    Shelling prawns

    ​North Frisian Islands | Whether Amrum, Föhr, Pellworm, the magical world of the Halligen or chic Sylt – immerse yourself in the unique world of the North Frisian Islands that surround the Wadden Sea.

    Per week from GBP 243

    show 510 offers
  • Thatched-roof house on the North Sea island of Pellworm.
    My thatched-roof house

    ​North Sea | You can best spend your holiday with particular flair in a holiday home with a thatched roof.

    Per week from GBP 267

    show 184 offers
  • 5/18
    Best holiday resort in Germany

    ​Warnemünde | The widest beach on the German Baltic Sea coast and many leisure possibilities on site as well as in the nearby surrounding area have won you over, and made you select Warnemünde as the best holiday resort 2014.

    Per week from GBP 243

    show 75 offers
  • 6/18
    Best holiday resort Germany

    Binz | Due to its distinctive spa architecture, good infrastructure and many restaurants atraveo vacationers chose the Baltic seaside resort Binz 2012 as the best holiday resort in Germany.

    Per week from GBP 249

    show 248 offers
  • 7/18
    Best holiday resort Germany

    Zingst | The town at the Baltic Sea has twice won the atraveo prize: A well maintained beach, family friendly approach and idyllic location were decisive.

    Per week from GBP 231

    show 181 offers
  • Room for max. 2 persons in Schleswig-Holstein
    Normal is boring

    ​Germany | It doesn’t always have to be the traditional holiday home, does it? How about a lighthouse, a railway waggon or a turf hut as accommodation for the next holidayfor a change?

    Per week from GBP 256

    show 72 offers
  • Wernigerode | Best holiday resort in Germany
    From GBP 320

  • Baltic Sea Coast | Holiday under a thatched roof
    From GBP 259

  • North Frisian Islands | Shelling prawns
    From GBP 243

  • North Sea | My thatched-roof house
    From GBP 267

  • Warnemünde | Best holiday resort in Germany
    From GBP 243

  • Binz | Best holiday resort Germany
    From GBP 249

  • Zingst | Best holiday resort Germany
    From GBP 231

  • Germany | Normal equals boring
    From GBP 256
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Varied holiday home vacations

Germany | A vacation in Germany is for many holiday makers an appealing alternative. This is especially due to the great selection of holiday homes which atraveo offers in Germany.

Especially popular are the coastal regions along the North and Baltic Sea. Beautiful beaches, perfect infrastructure and the stunning landscapes promise ideal holiday conditions. Many travellers love the islands, especially Ruegen, Germany’s largest island, which is the most popular one of all on offer. But also the other Baltic Sea islands, such as Usedom and Fehmarn, the peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst as well as the East and North Frisian Islands in the North Sea offer diverse opportunities for a great holiday home vacation.

However atraveo customers not only enjoy seaside holidays but also the Alpine areas in Upper Bavaria are equally enticing. Next to the impressive landscape also numerous leisure-time activities promise ideal holiday conditions during both summer and winter. Also the attractive regions around the Black Forest as well as Lake Constance in Baden-Wuerttemberg are popular travel destinations for holiday home vacations.

Or you just browse through the offers in the German states and look for your dream domicile. You can also find further suggestions in our atraveo blogs on holiday home vacations in Germany.


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  • Property no. 481112
    from GBP 398
    for 1 week

    Uchte, North Germany (Lower Saxony)

    Holiday apartment for max. 4 persons

    Approx. 100 m², 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, pets are allowed (max. 1), satellite TV, Internet, WLAN, washing machine, dishwasher, non-smoking property