Holiday houses on Rhodes & holiday apartments on Rhodes
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Experience Antiquity in a Holiday Home in Rhodes

Shaped like a spearhead, the fertile island of Rhodes, in Greece, is best known for its ancient Crusader castles, frescoed churches, and inviting beaches. A generous 300+ days of sun all year around and an abundance of holiday apartments, holiday rentals, and holiday homes make it an attractive family destination. For those who prefer peace and quiet, there are secluded beaches off the main trail. By renting a bike and exploring the region at your own pace, you'll enjoy Rhodes' history unfolding before your eyes.

A Memorable History

Capital city Rhodes is the site of the ancient Colossus, and has the distinction of being Europe's oldest medieval town. The city will appeal to Dan Brown enthusiasts, thanks to numerous references to the Knights of the Templar. (After the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem conquered the island, it was nicknamed "the Island of Knights.") According to Pindar myth, Rhodes was born from the union of the nymph Rhode and the Sun God, Helios. Rhodes was later cited by the poet Homer, who mentioned its participation in the Trojan War. The island also famously came under the reign of Alexander the Great in 332 BC.

Rhodes Today

The fountains, dramatic minarets, oriental motifs, Byzantine and Gothic churches, and Hellinistic street plans of the island are spectacular, while the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes offers insights into the island's tumultuous history. Head to the inland village of Asklipio, which houses an old castle and church, while Faliraki beckons with its pulsing nightlife, and offers well-equipped holiday houses, holiday homes, and holiday rentals. Water sports enthusiasts can head to Gennadi and Ialysos for international windsurfing competitions. The medieval village of Lindos, believed to be created by the sons of Zeus, is also worth a visit. The neighboring islands of Patmos and Dodecanese are easily accessible. Summers in this Aegean region are quite hot, but late spring and early fall are temperate. Book your holiday house or holiday home in Rhodes to fully experience the island of antiquity.