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From the temple to the beach

Sicily | The Italian Mediterranean island Sicily does not only offer summer, sun and lovely beaches but also many cultural highlights. A compulsory point on each itinerary for a Sicily vacation are the countless testimonies of past times that a spread out across the island. Some examples include the world famous „Valley of the Temples“ in Agrigent with the structures more than 2,500 years old and are testament of Greek settlement on this island during the ancient times. Besides this also well preserved remains of antique structures can be visited in Syrakus oder Catania which are equally appealing.

Those who need to cool down after these historical adventures will find many places to do so along the more than 1,000 kilometres of coastline. In the north and east you will mainly find steep cliffs and rocks towering above the sea with a number of picturesque bays lying in-between them. The southwestern part is flatter and characterised by beautiful beach strips.

Sicily has though much more to offer than just temples and beaches. Explore some of the interesting smaller and larger towns such as Palermo, Messina, Ragusa, Trapani or Taormina. Alternatively go on a boat tour that will take you to the Aeolian Islands and Aegadian Islands or Malta that is also not that far away.

atraveo has a selection of more than 2,800 holiday apartments and houses. Some of the most popular  places for a holiday home vacation include Gioiosa Marea, Sciacca, Scicli, Giardini Naxos, Trappeto and Marina di Modica.

Dancing on a volcano

Sicily is not only the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea but also has the highest and most active volcanoes in Europe – Etna that you can explore up close on your vacation to Sicily. There are a number of guided hiking tours offered that take you to summit craters, lava fields and places where eruptions occur frequently. You should not miss out on this exciting tour. The hikes usually take place between mid May until the end of October. But one must be careful: It is important to remember the Etna is still an active volcano. Inform yourself when there of the present dangers and options to explore the area in one of the many information centres.

Those who want more volcanic action will not want to miss out on guided tours to the Volcano Islands Volcano and Stromboli situated north of the coast of Sicily. Particularly the very active Stromboli offers a great spectacle as one can observe eruptions of red lava nearly every minute or hour. Both islands are part of the island group Aeolian Islands and there are regular connections from Messina and Milazzo.

If you have now become fascinated by volcanoes then you might want to pop over to the mainland and explore Mount Vesuvius in the Bay of Naples which is another famous volcano. It is by no means as active as those on Sicily though it is not extinct and there is speculation whether it could erupt again soon. The potential devastation such an eruption could cause can be seen in the famous ruins of the Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum that were engulfed by lava in 79 AD. A visit to Mount Vesuvius could be incorporated within journey to and back from a holiday home vacation on Sicily. There are regular ferries that operate between Naples or Salerno and the Sicilian ports of Palermo and Catania.

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Mondello is just 15 minutes from the center of Palermo occupies a territory that extends to arc, along a magnificent bay , between the Natural Reserve of Monte Pellegrino and the Natural Reserve of Capo Gallo.
The original nucleus "the country ", is located on the north end of the ...
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bay, an ancient fishing village built around an ancient tuna fishery .
In the last decade the village has developed its own vocation and has increased the tourist offer with excellent facilities, numerous restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment. the weather is cool in summer and warm in winter, the seabed rich in lush vegetation, the fine white beach, the sea water clear the bright colors and much more, make Mondello a place to vacation 365 days a year!
Palermo was founded by the Phoenicians on the seashore almost 3000 years ago, and it seems that at that time its name was Ziz, "flower". Certainly it was very beautiful, even if nothing is left of this city now, except for the trace of its first layout, followed for centuries: a long avenue leading from the sea to the low hill where - today as then - the palace of the government stands. It was a base for the Carthaginians, then, after their defeat by the Romans, it was occupied by the latter. There are practically no vestiges of the Roman epoch either, though the city flourished under them. In fact it was in a rather marginal position with respect to the heart of the empire and it became even more so with respect to Constantinople, when Sicily became part of the possessions of the Eastern Roman Empire. In 831, after a siege lasting about a year, Palermo fell into the hands of the Arabs. This was the start of a new life for the city, which in a few years turned into a splendid metropolis, compared for its splendour to Cordoba and the Cairo. Palaces and mosques rose amid the splendid gardens of the "Western Medina" and the skyline was marked by numerous slender minarets. The city, called Balarm, was the capital of the Sicilian emirate and is said to have had 300,000 inhabitants. In 1061 the Norman army led by Count Roger and Robert the Guiscard set out to reconquer Sicily. Eleven years later they got to Palermo. However, the coming of the new seigneurs did not lead to a decline of the Islamic city. Though the Normans demolished the mosques, they used Arab architects in the construction of their sumptuous Palermo dwellings; and though they got a strong hold on the island, yet they left the administration of the kingdom in the hands of Islamic functionaries. Under Roger II, Palermo - the capital of the new Norman kingdom lived a period of splendour. It was the centre of trade between east and west and from all over came noblemen, traders, adventurers attracted by the mirage of the rich city and the sumptuous court. Palaces and churches in Arabic-Norman style were built. This greatness continued under Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, who made his court the greatest centre of cultural life in those days. Never again, in the centuries that followed, was such magnificence attained, even though, under the Spanish domination, the city was enriched with splendid Baroque monuments. A brief return of the past splendour came at the start of the twentieth century, when Palermo had its "belle epoque", thanks to the success of young families of entrepreneurs who brought a wind of modernity to the city, raising not only the economic level but also the cultural and artistic one. Since 1946, Palermo has been the chief city of an autonomous region. It is a modern and active city, with about 730,000 inhabitants, very rich in monuments from all epochs. A thorough visit to the city takes about six days.
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Photos of the town

  • Property no. 1169052
    from GBP 1,349
    for 1 week

    Mondello, Sicily (North coast of Sicily)

    Holiday home for max. 8 persons

    4 bedrooms, pets not allowed, TV, Internet, washing machine, dishwasher, beach approx. 500 m
  • Property no. 882746
    from GBP 1,049
    for 1 week

    Mondello, Sicily (North coast of Sicily)

    Holiday apartment for max. 5 persons

    2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets not allowed, washing machine, water approx. 400 m
  • Property no. 928508
    from GBP 673
    for 1 week

    Mondello, Sicily (North coast of Sicily)

    Holiday home for max. 4 adults + 2 children

    Approx. 110 m², 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets are allowed (max. 1), Internet, WLAN, washing machine, beach approx. 300 m,
  • Property no. 1171299
    from GBP 690
    for 1 week

    Mondello, Sicily (North coast of Sicily)

    Holiday apartment for max. 9 persons

    Approx. 180 m², 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets not allowed, WLAN, washing machine, non-smoking property, sandy beach approx. 100 m
    There is one further property type with one accommodation for this complex
  • Property no. 900890
    from GBP 429
    for 1 week

    Mondello, Sicily (North coast of Sicily)

    Studio for max. 2 persons

    Approx. 20 m², 1 bathroom, pets are allowed (max. 1), digital TV, WLAN, sandy beach approx. 800 m
  • Property no. 969318
    from GBP 564
    for 1 week

    Mondello, Sicily (North coast of Sicily)

    Holiday apartment for max. 4 adults + 2 children

    Approx. 90 m², 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets not allowed, satellite TV, WLAN, washing machine, dishwasher, sandy beach approx. 80 m
  • Property no. 1005559
    from GBP 690
    for 1 week

    Mondello, Sicily (North coast of Sicily)

    Holiday home for max. 4 persons

    Approx. 230 m², 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, pets not allowed, satellite TV, washing machine, sandy beach approx. 2 km,