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Holiday houses in Manerba del Garda & holiday apartments in Manerba del Garda

  • Lake Garda | Where the lemon trees bloom
    4,319 offers

  • Lake Garda | Delightful views
    864 offers

  • Lake Garda | Top rated
    390 offers

  • Lake Garda | Bathing fun in the holiday park
    2,028 offers

  • Riva del Garda | Best holiday resort Italy
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  • Malcesine | Best holiday resort in Italy
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  • Italy | Holiday with your own pool
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  • Italy | That certain something
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Before you book you holiday home in Manerba del Garda

Manerba del Garda is part of Brescia in the Lake Garda Lombardy. It has a mild Mediterranean type of climate. The best time to visit the area is during spring and summer. It may get crowded so it is best to book your holiday apartment in advance.

Sights to see on your holiday

When you rent a holiday home in Manerba del Garda, you are near to all the attractions of this lovely region. It is famed for its superb views of the lake and beautiful beaches, such as Porto Torchio Beach. Manerba del Garda is also renowned for its pre-historic pile dwellings, or stilt houses, that are UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Alps. On the West Bank of Lake Garda, savour the quaint village of Limone, explore the historic streets of San Felice, or stroll through the romantic town of Gargano with its beautiful harbour. The East bank of Lake Garda is a pretty spot to visit and the charming town of Malcesine offers castles, ruins and ancient alleys to explore.

Beyond your holiday apartment in Manerba del Garda

Rent a holiday home or flat in Lombardy and appreciate the charms of the lake. Renew the mind, body and spirit with a special someone, alone, or with the family. Veneto is not far, boasting of the famed Euganean Spas, exciting wine trails and the breathtaking Dolomites. Moniga del Garda, a town of Brescia is a picturesque scenery with olive trees and lush vegetation. It boasts of ancient pile dwellings and the famous rose-coloured wine Chiaretto. To the north of the lake is Trentino, a mountainous region rich in history and culture. Whether you crave a relaxed holiday, a delectable food trip, or a cultural journey, the Italian Lakes offer the most comprehensive holiday menu you can imagine, from adventure sports to historic tours.

Location reviews

Total rating of Manerba del Garda

3.9 out of 5 (615 Customer reviews)
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This is what holiday rental customers wrote about Manerba del Garda 

  • 4.0 out of 5
    An atraveo-customer wrote
    on 03/11/2017, travel period: October 2017

    “Nice place. Due to the slightly out of the way location ignored by us.”

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  • 3.0 out of 5
    atraveo customer Alexander wrote
    on 28/10/2017

    “In October unfortunately already end of the season, thus many closed shops and hardly life in the streets.
    The place itself offers everything you need.”

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  • 5.0 out of 5
    atraveo customer Bernd Stange has submitted the following rating
    on 28/10/2017

    highly recommended

    This review has been given for property no. 895130

  • 4.0 out of 5
    An atraveo-customer wrote
    on 18/10/2017, travel period: October 2017

    “In October, the supermarket had already closed. By car, but shopping are easy to reach. Manerba is a place with lots of nature, long beach promenade but no shopping. Anyone looking for this can quickly find this in the neighboring town of Salo. We looked for peace and felt very comfortable there.”

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  • 5.0 out of 5
    An atraveo-customer wrote
    on 13/10/2017

    “Good location!”

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This is how holiday rental owners described Manerba del Garda

Residence Montecolo is situated in Manerba, a small town between Moniga and Salò, a strategic location for reaching both shores of the Garda Lake, and visit either the small towns or drive further to the big cities of Venice, Verona and Milan.

Within 60 minutes drive you have two airports: ...
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Bergamo/Milan (Orio al Serio) and Verona, t, all destinations with convenient airline connections to most European countries.

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source: Viva Resorts srl
Manerba del Garda lies in the Gulf on the western shore of Lake Garda, in the province of Brescia, at one of the most striking promontories of Lake Garda, the famous Rock of Manerba, 216 mt. It is situated in the heart of “Valtenesi”, a region that with its green ...
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hills, olive trees, vineyards, 12 Km of beaches,churches, offers a pleasant panorama and a holiday with a lot of opportunities: historical, artistic, archaeological, nature, wine and food trails, bicycle paths and spaces to relax and enjoy. It is certainly the ideal place for the lovers of nature, sport and outdoor excursions.
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source: Immotel s.r.l.
A rocky promontory thet stands out sharply against the gently sloping hiliside in Valtenesi and towers over the blue waters of the lake, then drops sharply down to steep cliffs.
A green oasis or rare natural beauty that is entirely unspolit - Rocca di Manerba.

The particular features of the ...
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area, for years studied at an international level, offer the visitor a vast selection of natural environments, proof of the excellent local climate and wealth of fiora. On one side the slopes are covered in evergreen woods, mostly biack hornbeam (Ostrya carpinifolaio) and oak (Quercus oubescens), where the rich undergrowth comprised of bulcher's broom (Ruscus aculeatus), honeysuckle (Locinera caprifolium)and hellebore (Hellebonus niger) provides a colourful picture in all seasons. On the other side are typical arid meadows dominated by interesting species of grass of various origins. Some come from the steppes in the Baikans such as the steppe grass (Stipa pennata), other from the Mediterranean area (Fumana procumbens). And from May to September these meadows abound in multicoloured orchids representing one of the most important aspects of Rocca di Manerba flora. These magnificent fiowers sometimes imitate the features of the pollinating insects they need to survive and prosper, such as the spider-orchid (Ophrys sphegodes), insect ophrys (Ophrys insectifera) and Bertoloni ophrys

(Ophrys bertoloniformis). Yet others are a scale version of an anthropomorphous shape , such as the monkey orchid (Orchis simia) or military orchid (Orchis militaris). It is important to remember that all 21 species of orchid found at the Rocca di Manerba (pius many other flowers as well) are protected so they must never be picked - a photograph is an excellent alternative.

Lastly, along the most exposed rocky cliffs are to be seen the fiowers of numerous typically Mediterranean plants and shrubs inciuding the holm oak (Quercus ilex), fillirea (Phillyrea latifolia), terebinth (Pistacia therebinthus), fustet (Cotinus coggygria) and many others forming at other latitudes the famous Mediterranean maquis.

The entire area is surrounded by the regular geometrical shapes of vineyards, splendid olive groves and green pastures, and a variety of crops that is virtually unknown in the worid of agriculture today. Being a natural botanical garden, Rocca di Manerba is one of the last unspoilt areas around LakeGarda. And as well as offering a landscape of rare beauty and intensity, it is a site of considerable archaeological interest and worthy of becoming a protected area, now considered a must for an enjoyable day trip out of doors for anyone loving and respecting nature.
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source: Residence Bellavista di Alboraletti Michele e C. snc
Residence Oasi is situated in the gulf of Pieve di Manerba del Garda Gulf, only 100 m. from a marvellous beach 8 km long . 9000 sq.m. of greenery, among parkland and olive groves,there 28 fully-furnished apartments with 1,2, or 3 rooms, heating, ample terraces, and private parking. wireless connection. ...
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new renovated pool
for our guests discount for playng synthetic green minigolf with fast food open until 24
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source: Residence OASI S.N.C Di Toninelli G.eC.

Photos of the town