Holiday houses on Majorca & holiday apartments on Majorca
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A finca on Majorca

Majorca is one of most popular holiday islands in the Mediterranean Sea. But it is not only an interesting travel destination for the summer as a party island. Within the beautiful diverse island landscape you are able to enjoy an excellent individual holiday home vacation with the family or friends. atraveo has more than 3,400 holiday apartments and houses on Majorca. Many of them are fincas with lots in a particularly idyllic location and offering a number of amenities such as a pool, large terrace with view towards the sea, a fireplace and several bedrooms and bathrooms. In addition to this atraveo also has simple holiday houses and conveniently located holiday apartments in well known coastal towns which are not far from the beach.

Discover the heartland of Majorca

When one first thinks of an island many immediately envisage the sea – especially with a holiday island like Majorca. In actual fact the beautiful beaches and many lovely coastal resorts are an attractive proposition. But it will not take you long to realise that the island’s heartland has a lot to offer. Here away from the tourist resorts you are greeted by an impressive mountain and hill landscape with deep gorges and valleys. Ideal for a couple of trips – whether by foot, on a mountain bike or with the car. Particularly beautiful is for example the mountain range Serra de Tramuntana that stretches along the north western coast. In many pretty small villages in the heartland you can find the real Majorcan way of life with small cafés and bodegas inviting you to linger. Alternative pack up a picnic and choose a spot somewhere in the countryside to enjoy a lovely snack. There are lots of places with lovely panoramic settings offering views across the mountains, valleys and gorges. Far in the distance the blue ocean shimmers. Some of these areas are so peaceful and secluded that you may only on occasion come across a goat that lives here in the wild.

Culinary discoveries on Majorca

When visiting Majorca you should also go on a culinary discovery tour of the island. Many cafes and restaurants especially in small places invite you to taste some of the regional specialties. How about a Sobrasada as a little snack or starter with the main course? Sobrasada is a traditional Majorcan meat spread with a lot of paprika. It is quite spicy and is best eaten on a slice of freshly toasted bread. Or how about tumbet? It is a type of stew made of aubergine, paprika, potatoes and many spices. This dish that tastes equally good when cold and warm can easily prepared in your own holiday home. Just buy the ingredients fresh from the market and then you can start. This is perfectly complemented with a nice Majorcan red wine made from the local Manto Negro.

Arrival with the plane

The easiest way to get to your own finca on Majorca is with the plane. From many airports there are regular flights to Palma de Mallorca around the year. When on the island it is recommended to hire a car. This will not only make it easier to get to your holiday home but you will also remain flexible and can plan some day trips or be able to go shopping without any hassle. Across the entire island you will find a number of car rentals. It is recommended though to book a car in advance as this will work out much cheaper. If you prefer to take your own car when on holiday then the only option is long way to the Spanish Mediterranean coast and then you will have to take the ferry from Barcelona or Valencia to Majorca.

Holiday home vacation on Majorca throughout the year

The most popular travel time for a Majorca vacation is particularly in the main season July and August. Both spring and autumn though are equally lovely. Then not only are the temperatures a bit milder but the island landscape shows its greatest beauty away from the hot summer months. The bathing season is generally between May and the beginning of October so that it is possible to enjoy a lovely bathing vacation in the off season. During the winter period Majorca is a perfect destination for those seeking peace and relaxation. Even in the larger towns it is quieter and the temperatures are on average a mild 15 degrees making the Balearics an ideal choice to flee from the harsh winter.