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Holiday houses in the region Macedonia & holiday apartments in the region Macedonia

  • Aegean | Wonderful views
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  • Greece | Holiday houses with pool
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  • The best properties in Greece
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  • Greece | Traditional white houses
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  • Greece | The Mediterranean in front of the doorstep
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  • Greece | Villas with infinity pools
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  • Cyprus | Holiday in a natural stone house
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Book a Holiday Home Macedonia for a Memorable Vacation

Not to be confused with the Republic of Macedonia, the region of Macedonia lies in Northern Greece, and can be divided into Central Macedonia, East Macedonia, Western Thrace, and West Macedonia. It is home to indigenous Greek Macedonians who differ from the Slavic Macedonians from the Republic of Macedonia. Greek Macedonia offers discerning vacationers a slew of holiday rentals, holiday apartments, holiday houses, and holiday homes to rent and explore the history-filled area.

A Culture Like Few Others

Founded in 315 BC by Cassander of Macedon, the region's history spans nearly 2,300 years. The Greek Macedonians distinguish themselves culturally from the rest of the Greeks, and are deeply reverent of Alexander the Great. They speak a variant of Greek, and are proud of their dark blue and gold flag depicting the Vergina Sun. Central Macedonia is home to the second-largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki -- a transportation gateway to the rest of southeastern Europe. The entertainment scene here is second to none, and the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair and the Thessaloniki International Film Festival are highly-awaited events. The city impresses with its Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments, Sephardic Jewish structures, the White Tower and the Heptapyrgion Byzantine Fort. On a clear day, Mount Olympus can be seen miles across the gulf.

The Rest of the Region

Western Macedonia includes the city of Kastoria, best known for its trout fish, Byzantine and Ottoman-era domestic architecture, the Vigla-Pissoderi ski resort, and its fur clothing industry, particularly mink. The cultural city of Florina has a number of museums and art galleries. Western Macedonia's other landmarks include the ancient Macedonian Grave in Eordaia and the traditional village of Agios Germanos-Prespa. Central Macedonia happens to be Greece's most visited region, thanks to the fact that it's home to Thessaloniki, however, Edessa is not far behind with its ancient military lodgings, the Folklore Museum and the Monument for the Greek Resistance. Macedonia's holiday apartments, holiday houses, holiday homes and holiday rentals are choice options to book for a culturally rewarding vacation!

The top rated locations in the region Macedonia

  1. Aspróvalta
  2. Pefkohori
  3. Vourvourou
  4. Trikorfo
  5. Gerakini