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Holiday houses at Lake Yssel & holiday apartments at Lake Yssel

  • 1/12
    The best in the Netherlands

    ​Enkhuizen | Holidaymakers really seem to like it here as this is the second time that this little town at the IJsselmeer has been able to pick up the crown for the best holiday resort.

    Per week from GBP 1,079

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  • 2/12
    Best holiday resort Netherlands

    ​Enkhuizen | Families in particular will get their money’s worth. The town at IJsselmeer offers many possibilities for recreational activities and has been selected by you as the best Dutch holiday resort 2014.

    Per week from GBP 1,117

    show 7 offers
  • 3/12
    Best holiday resort Netherlands

    ​Egmond aan Zee | An endlessly long beach and an unspoiled landscape of dunes characterise Egmond aan Zee, which has been chosen as the best holiday resort thanks to your customer reviews. Read more in our blog!

    Per week from GBP 267

    show 48 offers
  • Water pavilions for up to six people with their own jetty on the Bergumer lake in Friesland.
    Holiday homes directly by the water

    Netherlands | Open the front door and off you go. Fun on, beside, and with the water is clearly a priority with these holiday homes near the shore.

    Per week from GBP 353

    show 104 offers
  • This holiday home is located in the little yacht harbour of Enkhuizen and has received 23 positive reviews to date.
    The best in the Netherlands

    Whether you’re on the coast or in the country’s interior, a picturesque little resort, or a family-friendly holiday park – we hereby present you with the best-rated holiday homes and apartments.

    Per week from GBP 203

    show 647 offers
  • 6/12
    Vacation with your dog

    The Netherlands | With these holiday houses it is explicitely allowed to bring pets so that your faithful four legged friend can also enjoy a relaxing and eventful holiday.

    Per week from GBP 215

    show 10,273 offers
  • Holiday house for 6 people in a holiday park Zeeland.
    Entertainment for everyone

    The Netherlands | Parents can relax and unwind whilst their children are taken care of and entertained in a holiday park or holiday residence.

    Per week from GBP 215

    show 8,708 offers
  • Farm house for 16 people in Gelderland
    Enough space for everyone

    The ​Netherlands | Travelling together is always a great experience. In our extra large holiday houses with at least six bedrooms one can go on holiday with the entire family and take friends with you too.

    Per week from GBP 669

    show 341 offers
  • Enkhuizen | The best in the Netherlands
    From GBP 1,079

  • Enkhuizen | Best holiday resort in the Netherlands
    From GBP 1,117

  • Egmond aan Zee | Best holiday resort
    From GBP 267

  • Netherlands | Holiday houses directly by the water
    From GBP 353

  • The best properties in the Netherlands
    From GBP 203

  • The Netherlands | Vacation with your dog
    From GBP 215

  • The Netherlands | Vacation in a holiday park
    From GBP 215

  • The Netherlands | Enough space for everyone
    From GBP 669

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Vacation in a holiday home at Lake Yssel

Lake Yssel, also known as Ijsselmeer, is an artificial freshwater lake in central Netherlands. Holiday-makers can spend an entire day here soaking up the sun while sailing a yacht or simply lazing around at their holiday rentals. Finding the perfect holiday apartment near the lake shore is easy as there are plenty of holiday houses to choose from.

Discover charming locations

Day-trippers can ride bicycles along the quaint paths to explore picturesque locations. The bike trail on top of the Afsluitdijk dam, which formed Lake Ijssel, offers impressive views. It is well-marked, and detailed maps are available at tourist offices. The dam lies between the North Holland and Friesland provinces. Holiday-makers can also stay near the lake by renting holiday homes or holiday apartments in these regions.

Many species of water birds can be spotted here, especially the great cormorant. Visitors can also set up camp on one of the region's campsites. While most are open only during spring, some operate all year round. There are plenty of holiday apartments and houses available through all 12 months.

Spend time leisurely

There are several museums near the lake, including the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. Holiday-makers can rent a holiday home nearby to add a cultural dimension to their vacation.

A vacation in a holiday home offers an array of opportunities for activities. Travellers can rent a yacht from one of the many yacht clubs at Lake Yssel to unwind, enquiries for which can be made at their holiday houses. During winter, ice skating on the frozen Lake Yssel is a popular activity. In summer, the sight of the melting ice is splendid. Guests can also fish at the lake.

Book holiday rentals well in advance to experience the best of Lake Yssel.