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Holiday houses in Egypt & holiday apartments in Egypt

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Holiday apartment in Egypt – Land of the Pharaohs

Who cannot say he always wanted to travel to Egypt but has never realised this dream? A lot of people have the ‘Land of the Pharaohs’ on the top of their list of dream destinations. And that is absolutely reasonable as hardly any other early advanced civilization stimulates the imagination as the Egyptian. On top of that also very appealing are the beautiful beaches and diving areas which are of course also included in the offer of holiday apartments in Egypt.

Holiday houses in Egypt – Temples and diving

For diving enthusiasts this is an old hat: The Red Sea is an absolute paradise. The underwater world offers ideal diving and snorkelling conditions as the water is warm and clear and it provides diverse and colourful fishing grounds. This is topped off by stunning reefs which provide a habitat for all sorts of living creatures which can be observed. Thus, a holiday apartment in Egypt is the ideal base for a great diving holiday in Egypt. Especially in the region around the city El Gouna lovely holiday domiciles for tourists are on offer. How convenient that the airport El Hurghada is close by. Nevertheless those who want to also make some land excursions should definitely visit the renowned temples and pyramids along the Nile.

Islamic culture and great climate

All year long the bays of the Red Sea provide ideal air and water temperatures, something the sun-seeking tourist from North Europe expects. These weather conditions of course also apply for the Egyptian holiday apartments on the Sinai Peninsula around the city Sharm El Sheik. This is also a great diving area without equal. Back at the sublime Nile animal lovers can admire life crocodiles and Egyptian cobras. Equally impressive are the old carob and date trees. The latter very much define the local diet as the fruit is used within hearty meals as well as for pastries and desert. Altogether the spices used are very different from what the European palate is used to which will give even more pleasure to the eager explorer. This is a chance to try the many tastes of this North African country full of wonders of the world and architectonic mysteries. By the way Islam is a very important part of Egyptian society which is very much shaped by it, but which however also includes Coptic Christians and Jewish communities.

The top rated locations in Egypt

  1. Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula