Holiday houses on the east coast of Hvar & holiday apartments on the east coast of Hvar

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    On the island of lavender

    ​The island of Hvar in June | The island off the coast of Dalmatia transforms into a sea of lavender every year. From June, when it is in bloom, the landscape gleams with shades of lilac blue in many places.

    Per week from GBP 213

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  • “Surrounded by grapevines and olive trees.”
    Holiday in a stone house

    ​Dalmatia | Holiday homes of natural stone lend a special rustic charm to your vacation in the sunny south of Croatia.

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  • Private property with a stone house for eight people by the sea on the island of Krk.
    Holiday with a sea view

    Croatian Islands | These holiday homes are located on the islands off the Croatian coast and offer a direct view of the shimmering blue Adriatic. This just raises the question of which island is the right one.

    Per week from GBP 229

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  • Secluded holiday home on the island of Lošinj.
    My own bathing bay

    ​Croatian coast | No neighbours for far and wide - you will spend your holidays here like Robinson Crusoe. These holiday homes are secluded in the countryside and are also usually furnished in a very simple way.

    Per week from GBP 267

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    Best holiday resort in Croatia

    ​Dubrovnik | With its old quarter, the harbour, and the historic town wall, Dubrovnik is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – and also the best holiday resort in Croatia.

    Per week from GBP 235

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  • Hvar in June | On the island of lavender
    From GBP 213

  • Dalmatia | Holiday in a stone house
    From GBP 206

  • Croatian islands | Holiday with a sea view
    From GBP 229

  • Croatian coast | My own bathing bay
    From GBP 267

  • Dubrovnik | Best holiday resort in Croatia
    From GBP 235 coast of hvar
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Low priced bathing fun and beautiful interior

Croatia | Most Croatia tourists are drawn to the Adriatic Coast with its numerous islands and great holiday resorts. atraveo offers its customers in Croatia 27,000 holiday homes and apartments at the Adriatic coast, from Istria to the Kvarner Gulf down to sunny Dalmatia. You will surely find your perfect holiday domicile!

You don’t need much for an exciting vacation at the seaside in Croatia. Pack in your bathing suit and off you go! Croatia impresses not only with its great weather from spring to autumn but also with its countless beautiful beaches as well as low price level making the country the ideal destination for people with smaller budgets. Croatia’s heartland attracts especially with its untouched nature. Discover the Croatian landscapes away from the holiday regions along the coast and spend a great hiking vacation in spectacular nature. An interesting destination is for example the National Park Plitvice Lakes.

Further information on holiday home vacations in Croatia such as travelling or tips on the ideal travelling time and destination you can find in the holiday home selection for Croatia. Or browse through our blogs.

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