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Holiday houses in Costa Paradiso & holiday apartments in Costa Paradiso

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  • Italy | That certain something
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Location reviews

Total rating of Costa Paradiso

3.9 out of 5 (196 Customer reviews)
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This is what holiday rental customers wrote about Costa Paradiso 

  • 5.0 out of 5
    An atraveo-customer wrote
    on 13/08/2017

    “Super area, fantastic beaches. But if you want to see something more than the few bays, it is absolutely recommended a rental car.”

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  • 3.0 out of 5
    An atraveo-customer wrote
    on 23/07/2017, travel period: July 2017

    “There is no regular or grown-up place Costa Paradiso, all shops, facilities, bank and restaurants are bundled in the holiday resort. The nearest places are about 10 km away.”

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  • 4.0 out of 5
    An atraveo-customer wrote
    on 23/07/2017, travel period: July 2017

    “The "village" is rather a large, loosely distributed collection of holiday houses on the beautiful reddish rocky coast. There are 3 beaches, boat rental, supermarket, everything you need, but the prices are relatively high. A car is a must in both the place, as well as for almost all accomplishments. Shopping is better in one of the neighboring places, where there are small supermarkets, with almost normal price level.

    In the area are many beaches: sand, chisels and stone. The water was clean everywhere and you can discover something new every day.”

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  • 4.0 out of 5
    An atraveo-customer wrote
    on 08/07/2017, travel period: June 2017

    “Very nice complex with different Italian restaurants as well as supermarket and vegetable trader, fishmonger, a few boutiques. There is even a small wash-house, if in the house no washing machine should be available. Quasi a small village. Very clear water in small bathing and rock bays invites to snorkeling and swimming. There is also a diving school on site. Great was the care on site! It is a Hideway and not a party place, speak no nightlife.”

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  • 2.0 out of 5
    atraveo customer Meyer wrote
    on 05/07/2017, travel period: May 2017

    “I can not rate the place Costa Paradiso as it was for us to be located.”

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This is how holiday rental owners described Costa Paradiso

Costa Paradiso, Unforgettable paradise….
Everyone who visits Costa Paradiso (Paradise Coast) is captivated by its breath taking beauty and the ability of the buildings to blend into their natural surroundings. It is the ideal choice for those who enjoy all types of water activities, relaxing on the beach, partying in ...
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the popular bars and discos or simply indulging in a tranquil and peaceful lifestyle.
Surrounded by rare rock formations and wild vegetation, Costa Paradiso is truly unique. With beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent horizons it is a popular location for both Italian and foreign tourists with the majority of visitors coming between March and October.
Costa Paradiso is sun, beaches, wildlife, rocks, landscapes, sunset over the sea, and much more….

The beaches and bays of Costa Paradiso

"Li Cossi" beach is reached by a footpath that provides, as well, access to various bays along the cliffs. This beach is one of the most wonderful beaches in Sardinia.
"Tinnari" Beach is accessible only by private boat or shuttle boat that operates every day.
“Le Baiette" bay is a platform for sunbathing among rocks with an easy access to the water.
"I Tamerici" bay is a little sandy cove easily accessible and close to facilities such as restaurants and bars.
"Le Sorgenti" bay is the best spot for snorkelling. It is an access to rocks with steps and paths that allow people to find privacy.
The “Natural Pools” are accessible from a trail along the cliffs that reaches the natural pools where it is possible to swim and dive from the rocks.

Costa Paradiso is equipped with: shops, super markets, cafes, bars, restaurants, a diving club and a small marina.
Being only 20 minutes from the fashionable town of Santa Teresa di Gallura and nestled between numerous other fantastic destinations, Costa Paradiso has all that you need for the holiday in the Mediterranean.
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source: Sardegna Rent srl
One of Sardinia's most exclusive coasts surrounded by the magnificent landscapes between Porto Torres and Santa Teresa di Gallura, where Sardinia reveals its more romantic and enchanting soul for your next unforgettable vacation.
Experiencing the Sea:
Its transparent waters are legendary and its depths are divers' dream destination. The Sardinian ...
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sea is the icing on the cake that enhances the rocky coast and Mediterranean vegetation. It makes this destination heaven on earth, heightening the thrill of each trip and enchanting audiences at sunset when it reveals its magical hues.
The Beaches:
Guests who choose to stay at Costa Paradiso want to spend time on the beach, in the sea and sun in one of Sardinia's most charming sites, perfect for lazy days at the beach in full relax in the crystal clear waters.

Costa Paradiso is home to the Cala Li Cossi beach, just a captivating 10-minute walk from the port parking lot. As an alternative, you can try any one of the magnificent beaches outside Costa Paradiso, just 20 to 40 minutes away by car
The Inlets:
These are Costa Paradiso's hidden treasures. Intimate inlets, each different from the others, create uncontaminated crystal clear swimming pools, only accessible by sea on small rented rafts or larger ferries.
The numerous inlets dot the 8 km coast from Punta Cruzitta to Monte Tinnari, welcoming you each morning on a new and fascinating adventure and chance to dive in the limpid waters, admiring the extraordinary environment
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source: Magriff srl
Costa Paradiso: Few places turn out to be paradise -
This huge natural park extending to over 2000 acres comes very close!
The coastline is a rocky one with many of the cliffs and rocks shaped by the pounding of the sea and wind over thousands of years - the ...
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imagination can go wild visualizing the rock formations, which often resemble faces, minimal shapes and even gargoyles produced by nature. The pink granite rocks take even a rosier glow during the magnificent sunsets over the sea.
If you would rather swim directly off the fabulously scenic rocks along the coast, there are plenty of little coves easily accessible to snorkel off. If you want a giant beach then drive a half-hour along the coast road (either direction), or for shopping and wandering in the old town, Castelsardo is very nice as a daytrip. Inland you should see some of the many nuraghic ruins - weird and atmospheric. In the village you will find shops,bars,restaurants and swimming pools,plus facilities for water sports and trips by boat to various local beaches. A short drive along the coast takes you to the picturesque town of Santa teresa di Gallura,where you can take boat trips to the nearby island including Corsica. You will also find excellent local fresh fish restaurants and close by Capo Testa is worth a visit for the spectacular landscape.
You will be remember Villetta Mariarte at Costa Paradiso as one of most beautiful place that you have seen.

A short drive along the coast takes you to the picturesque town of Santa teresa di Gallura,where you can take boat trips to the nearby island including Corsica. You will also find excellent local fresh fish restaurants and close by Capo Testa is worth a visit for the spectacular landscape.
Situated on the eastern side of the north coast with easy access of both east and north coast,which are full of white sandy beaches,crystal clear sea,hidden bays and coves and much more to be discovered,you will find local selling freshly grown fruit and vegetables,local cheeses,wine and fresh fish along the coast road. There are many local festivals and all are invited,The Sardinians are known for their warm hospitality. The coast line is a paradise for scuba dives and snwokerell. Some reasons to come to sardinia.Above all in Sardinia you will find tranquility,with its miles of unspoilt coastline and countryside,it remains one of the few"undiscovered"holiday island left in Europe.
Holiday Activities In The Area Sea fishing, Bowls & Tennis, Beach & Resort, Sailing & Water sports, Snorkeling & scuba diving

Less than 15 minutes drive away :
Close you will find horse riding.
Less than 45 minutes drive away :
sailing,historic sites, a museum.
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source: Deligia

A holiday home on Sardinia

The beautiful Sardinia is after Sicily the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. atraveo offers you a wide selection of more than 3,900 holiday apartments and houses: Whether a small house close to the coast, a large luxury villa with several bedrooms and many amenities such as a pool or a cosy apartment for a romantic holiday for two. – on Sardinia everyone will find the perfect accommodation. When looking for your holiday home you can also look at the ratings of some of the houses made by atraveo holiday makers.

Sardinia is part of Italy and separated from the mainland by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Several ferry links connect the paradise-like island with Italian ports. Only a few kilometres to the north lies the French island Corsica. This is an ideal destination for a day trip. Alternatively atraveo offers a large selection of holiday homes on Corsica.

Heavenly beach vacation on Sardinia

The most important criteria for holiday makers on Sardinia are sun, beach and recreation. Numerous beautiful natural beaches shape the 1,800 kilometre long coastline of Sardinia and the azure blue sea provides a heavenly backdrop. The most beautiful beaches include those of the Costa Smeralda in the province Olbia-Tempio towards the north east of the island. Between Palau and Olbia many small bays with white sandy beaches are hidden between long stretched granite rocks. Here the villages Porto Cervo und Porto Rotondo are regarded as Europe’s best holiday domiciles. As each year national and international celebrities gather here for their summer holiday it is clear that properties will come at a price. Considerably less pricy and equally attractive is the Costa Rei along the eastern coast of Sardinia. The small bays and the long sandy beaches of the coastal area north of Sant'Elmo guarantee relaxing sun baths as well as entertainment including a wide range of water sports. Costa Paradiso is situated in the north of Sardinia lies and the name says it all. Many small bays are hidden between the red cliffs.

Discover from a holiday home the area away from the beaches

Enough of sun bathing at the beach? Then you could go and discover the sights of Sardinia. For example you could visit the many picturesque towns and villages, such as the capital Cagliari in the south or Sassari on the north side of the island. Discover the natural sights of the enchanting landscape such as the countless limestone caves and grottos or the red rocks of Arbatax. Or visit the mysterious towers of the Nuraghen culture which lived on the island in pre-Christian times. Especially worth seeing is the Su Nuraxi complex in the province Medio Campidano. Also worthwhile is a trip to the rugged Gennargenta Mountains in the heartland of the island. The island’s highest peak is the 1,834 metre high Punta la Marmona and can even be reached by ski lift so that during appropriate weather conditions you can swap the beach with the snow. Generally the island is ideal for an active vacation with discoveries and excursions possible throughout the year. Away from the main streets there are various great hiking and mountain bike tours available. You are able to explore beautiful beaches which can only be reached via farm lanes and the additional benefit is the places are secluded providing a charming ambience. Also worth a visit is the neighbouring French island Corsica which is just 12 kilometres to the north. Ferries regularly operate from Santa Teresa Gallura to Bonifacio and from Palau to Porto-Vecchio.

Travel and mobility on the ground on Sardinia

You can either travel by plane or ship to Sardinia. Those who want to travel with their own car can choose one of the ferries that operate between the Italian mainland and Porto Torres, Olbia, Arbatax and Cagliari on Sardinia. Ports on the mainland include Genoa at the Ligurian Riviera, Livorno in Tuscany and Civitavecchia near Rome. Air passengers can choose between the airports Cagliari, Olbia and Arbatax. On arrival it is possible to rent a car in order to undertake the one or other trip around the island. Alternatively Sardinia provides a quite well developed public transport system, comprising of intercity coaches and train lines. One highlight is the touristic narrow gauge railway Trenino Verde which connects Bosa and Macomer as well as Arbatax and Mandas and offers great panoramic views on the landscape of the island.

Enjoy the Mediterranean climate on Sardinia

The weather on Sardinia is typically Mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters. Especially the summer months between June and September can get very hot so you should always carry enough water with you when going on an trip. During winter the temperatures are seldom below 14 degrees, however most rain falls during this time. Especially the spring months April and May promise ideal weather with 20 to 25 degrees and hardly any rainfall.